what we do

Our main purpose is to help our customers achieve their business goals by developing distinguished brands.

what we do

Our main purpose is to help our customers achieve their business goals by developing distinguished brands.

Brand Identity Design

Gloa is a full-service creative branding agency that builds powerful and memorable brand identities and brand messaging with unique strategies. We help ambitious startups to build game-changing brands from scratch and rebrand corporation groups to adapt to new business challenges, get prepared for massive marketing and global growth.

All big companies have their mission statement and vision statement.

It is an important brand message that not only let the audience understand the goal and purpose of the company, but also helps the company internals to have a clear vision and direction as a guideline for the company's development in the long term. Brand vision's focus is on the future. It is an outlook of what the brand wants to be, and how the world will be a better place with the brand. In defining the brand vision and mission, it is important to first answer what is the company's brand purpose. These three key questions set a foundation for the process of strategic branding.

Upon which, we can further develop the brand identities, brand messaging and other marketing contents. Here are some examples of vision statements that Gloa helped defined.

Packaging Design

As part of the corporate branding and brand identity design, we help you visualize the complete product branding and packaging design from products, labels to wrapping paper, package bags and box design. Creative and outstanding solutions that align with the brand DNA and the customers' preferences. From tea, pasta, sweets, food, to watches, shampoo, beauty, cosmetics, etc. We can make your brand and product stand out from the crowd and win the attention and love that your product inside deserves.

Storytelling packaging design, based on a concept, based on a story and so the story goes!

Any brand or product needs a unique story, a story that is communicated through design so that it`s passed on to its audience. That story is what`s really needed, so that we start designing an original and unique concept!

Website Design

In digital & website design, we always analyze all major business scopes and objectives, the communication strategy and form a well-structured plan, so that our design has a purpose and serves all needs of a brand. We closely define a plan of all user interface (UI) as well as user experience (UX), so that it’s totally agreed on, following the architecture of your new custom digital home, built to compliment your brand’s.

Custom and always fully responsive websites and digital design by our web develompent team.

Our custom digital services cover a wide range of a brand’s digital needs, ranging from website design, multilingual news portal and blog websites, to e-commerce and blog design as well as custom platforms, content management systems and mobile web applications.

Commercial Advertising

Gloa is a full-service branding studio that offers creative commercial photography production such as corporate photography, architecture & interior, commercial vehicle, industrial production photography, billboard ad shooting, product photography, branded content, e-commerce photography, fashion campaign shooting with models and styling, perfume, watch, jewellery photography, catalog shooting, 360 product photography, video production and more. The commercial photography can be used in print advertising, newspaper, editorial, magazine, brochure, marketing collaterals, digital advertising, website banner, website content, Facebook, Instagram, social network advertising and beyond.

Starting from brand and marketing strategies, we produce advertising photography with unique concept and ideas, story, message, professional styling and art direction.

As a branding agency, we stay focused on strengthening the branding of your company. To use commercial photography as a media to attract strong interest for a new product, create brand awareness among your target customer, and develop brand loyalty in the long term.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy refers to a business' overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides. A marketing strategy contains the company’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements. Marketing strategies should ideally have longer lifespans than individual marketing plans because they contain value propositions and other key elements of a company’s brand, which generally hold consistent over the long haul.

A carefully-cultivated marketing strategy should be fundamentally rooted in a company’s value proposition, which summarizes the competitive advantage a company holds over rival businesses.

We do not only beautifully executed graphic designs but also help you strategically come up with brilliant marketing ideas. Here at Gloa, we help you realize an effective strategically drawn plan that refers to your audiences through the right means, with the right content and the right visual language.

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